Iran’s Role in Assad’s Götterdämmerung in Syria

Iran’s Role in Assad’s Götterdämmerung in Syria

AntiNote: The following, a statement by the Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, was initially published on a blog which describes itself as a “solidarity page of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon revolutionaries.”

We in the Antidote Writers Collective have been heartened in recent days by what appears to us as a colossal shift in global ‘mainstream’ assessment of the Syrian war. It seems that after five years of struggle and the lopsided slaughter of freedom-seeking Syrians by an increasingly desperate and unhinged fascist despot (and with the arrival of millions of traumatized Syrian refugees on foreign shores) the world is finally ready to listen to what Syrian revolutionaries have been saying all along. This week, people around the globe have followed Syrians’ stalwart lead in mobilizing dozens of energetic demonstrations condemning the psychopathic brutality of the Assad regime and its Russian patrons—and, almost as importantly, rejecting the thin Islamophobic propaganda that had for so long cowed the careful into silent complicity.

Still mostly missing from the new solidary narrative, however, is mention of the Iranian mercenaries that make up a significant portion of what little actual ground force the regime still has. This would be once again to over-complicate things in the Western mind, perhaps. Indications that Iranians themselves are among those most critical of their government’s involvement in repression and mass murder outside of Iran could be all the more potentially baffling.

It is for this reason—that it explodes the apathy-inducing geopolitical and sectarian framing that dominant media and elite institutions (and authoritarian leftists) prefer when discussing Syria—that we reproduce this bite-size bombshell for our readers to grapple with.

Against all authority! For freedom and self-determination of all people!

Maryam Rajavi: Inaction in the face of great tragedy of the century in Aleppo blemishes the international community
Savagery of the mullahs and their allies and mercenaries indicates their failure in saving the Syrian dictator

Originally posted on Iran Arab Spring, 3 May 2016

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the Iranian Resistance, described the barbaric bombardment of Aleppo and the brutal massacre of the Syrian people, particularly women and children, by Bashar Assad and the antihuman Iranian regime along with their allies and mercenaries, as an unparalleled war crime and a great tragedy of the century that has hurt the conscience of contemporary mankind. She said that the perseverance of the Syrian people and opposition, especially in heroic Aleppo, is a model worthy of praise that will never be forgotten and that inaction in the face of this tragedy blemishes the record of the international community.

The growth and expansion of Daesh in the region, the wave of terrorism in Europe, and the wave of refugees are all direct consequences of the crimes of the past five years by the Syrian dictator and the Iranian regime and its mercenaries in the region going unpunished,” she noted.

Mrs. Rajavi added: “Meanwhile, the unparalleled savagery unfolding these days, especially in Aleppo, reveals the frustration of the Iranian regime and its allies in facing up to the Syrian revolution and the Free Syrian Army, and in its dismal failure to save Assad’s rule. As the past five years have shown, the military mobilization of the Iranian regime and its allies against the will of the Syrian people and the opposition will surely end in a humiliating defeat.”

After the initial military mobilization of the Iranian regime met defeat in Syria, and veteran Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah, and the regime’s many mercenaries were unable to save Assad, and a great number of Revolutionary Guards’ casualties shook their morale, Khamenei was forced — for the first time since the Iran-Iraq war — to dispatch army units under his command to the Syrian quagmire in an aggressive war. To prop up the wrecked morale of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards and mercenaries, on 2 May 2016 the puppet parliament of this regime ratified a bill that grants Iranian citizenship to the families of foreigners killed in Syria.

To conceal the scale of casualties and the extent of the participation of the Iranian army in Syria under the command of its Supreme Leader, the mullahs’ regime is preventing official and public burial ceremonies for army casualties as the regime’s leaders are deeply concerned about a rapid loss of the army’s morale and a wave of dissatisfaction and disobedience in its ranks.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 3, 2016


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