Die drei Affen

Ein Aufruf zur öffentlichen Debatte mit den deutschsprachigen linken Medien zum Thema “Syrien und die westliche Linke”.

Von Antidote Zine

Wir verfolgen seit längerer Zeit wie Linke im Westen den syrischen Konflikt und die syrische Revolution erfolgreich ignorieren. Wir befürchten das der Hauptgrund für diesen Umstand unterschwelliger Orientalismus ist. Progressive Ideen, echte Proteste gibt es – wenn mensch zwischen den Zeilen liest – nur bei uns im Westen.Continue Reading

Why I Left Crimea

By Andrei Nechayevsky
Translated from the Russian by The Russian Reader (original post)

“I would like to live in a province near the sea, but not in a place where ‘unreliable elements’ are purged.”

I am from Donetsk myself. My wife and I moved to Crimea ten years ago. We built a house outside of Kerch, in the backcountry. There isn’t a soul there in winter.

Suddenly, in February 2014, Russian choppers were flying over us every night. Then troops marched through Kerch. I saw it with my own eyes.

There was this fabulous thing: Russian religious pilgrims, columns of buses filled with people who were supposedly traveling en masse to worship Crimea’s Orthodox relics. I watched them change into army uniforms in a church yard.

Kerch was inundated with completely atypical characters: there were a huge number of Cossacks. I was getting hassled in town on the street, something that had never happened before. Drunken, fairly strong men would come up to me and ask, “Where you from, lad?” And this “lad” is fucking forty-five years old!

I got the feeling that everyone had lost their minds. Continue Reading