Fascism Inc: Greece and the Rise of the Extreme Right in Europe

In Greece and other European countries, economic elites have been supporting fascist parties in order to enforce a radical neoliberal agenda in the crisis, says Aris Chatzistefanou, journalist and filmmaker from Athens, director of Debtocracy, Catastroika and Fascism Inc.

Fascism Inc.: How Economic Elites Support Fascist Parties in Europe – Today and in the Past

In his new documentary Fascism Inc., he shows how industrialists and bankers in the 1920s and 30s supported fascists in order to destroy socialist movements and trade unions. Today – again in times of crisis – this pattern recurs at the periphery of Europe: In Greece, extreme right wing parties like “Golden Dawn” and “LAOS” have been supported by big shipowners and media corporations. Meanwhile in Ukraine, the EU, the US and the IMF support a government with the participation of the Neonazi party Svoboda in order to enforce their economic and geopolitical agenda.

European austerity policies are laying the ground for the rise of fascism in Europe. Greece is on its way to become a “Third World country”, says Chatzistefanou. Public health and education systems have already been largely destroyed, while public debt has risen from 120 per cent of GDP to 180 per cent since the beginning of “rescue measures”. At the same time, Greek parties like “PASOK” and “Nea Dimokratia” are adopting positions from the far right, especially in migration policies. According to Aris Chatzistefanou, there is a real danger that Greece can become a model for Europe.

Source: Info-war.gr

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