The Fire These Times

The Fire These Times is a podcast and multimedia project started by scholar, writer, and activist Elia J. Ayoub in 2020. The Antidote Writers Collective collaborates with this project via comradely clerical support, mainly transcription.

Starting in spring 2023, we expanded our efforts. We help coordinate TFTT’s goal to make transcripts of every podcast episode available. If you are interested in contributing to this effort by transcribing any favorite past or future conversation on the podcast, please email us at antidote[at]riseup[dot]net and we will send you a style guide and instructions to make the whole process easier.

Edited transcripts will appear on the corresponding episode page at TFTT’s website, and Antidote Zine will continue to feature our favorites here as well.

Original audio and links are included in each post below. Support The Fire These Times on their Patreon site!

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