The World at the Fucked Moment

All the analysis of the violence in the world seems to occur with the complete removal of human activity. It seems to exist purely as a form of speaking over people, a game of chess with no pieces, a world with nobody in it but foreign policy experts and talking heads.

Pleasure is Fuel, Pleasure is Freedom

I love that folks are in the struggle on the front lines but dancing with each other, singing with each other, making mixtapes. When we make decisions, we put on R&B and dance together. We’re remembering that we’re not alive to suffer, to fight, to struggle. We’re alive to love each other and build community, to evolve.

One Day in Hell

Staying there was not safe at all, because of the potentiality of the warplane’s return. I spent a total of ten minutes there; I felt during these minutes a severe exhaustion, I felt the heaviness of my body, the difficulty of breathing, the inability to think of anything.

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