Idols & Mass Deceptions

Articles observing and analyzing the basic mode of domination relying on control through charisma: lies, conspiracy theories, false consciousness, false binaries, historical revisionism, hero worship, scapegoating, dehumanization, and media manipulation.

Voices in the Wilderness

Today, near my building, I saw that my neighbors had painted the “Z” symbol on their cars, this new swastika that marks the Russian military equipment going to attack Ukraine. They’re all in favor of the hellishness, the blood and death, the war. It’s so scary.

Addressing Russian Propaganda

The default anti-military position is that when two imperial powers fight each other, you don’t take a side. This position is convenient but it’s not the situation that’s happening. There aren’t two imperialisms here, there’s just one imperialism against the people.

Abolish the Entire Settler Colony

Police and prisons are not the end-all and be-all of white supremacist power. Before the prison was established, before the official uniformed constables were in existence, there was still totalitarian control over blackness. Abolition must encompass critique of the entire settler colony.

And the End Result Is Hanau

No passport, no job title, no class position, no achievement will protect us from constantly being seen as outsiders, as those who do not belong. I don’t have to frequent hookah bars to understand the message of the Hanau terrorist and those who stoked his hatred.

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