Street Movements

Portuguese Lessons

What we saw in Portugal in 1974 was men and women fighting together, black and white people fighting together, shantytowns and highly-qualified workers fighting together. The working class had a universal project of changing society. The Portuguese road to socialism in ’74 and ’75 was full of liberty.


The power of feminism right now is that it can be a uniting tool to make people understand how their struggles are related. We are much more powerful when we are fighting together and learning from each other than if we stick to our little pet cause or only work with what’s in front of us instead of working from a systemic analysis.

Time to Rebel

The failure of humanity to meaningfully tackle this problem is completely off the scale. For thirty years we’ve seen calls to reduce carbon emissions, and they’ve gone up sixty percent. We are going a hundred million miles an hour in the wrong direction and we only seem to get faster.

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