an·ti·dote (ăn′tĭ-dōt′)

1: a remedy to counteract the effects of poison
2: something that relieves, prevents, or counteracts
Read the information carefully and ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions.

Your friendly neighborhood anarchists since 2013

…in neighborhoods spanning several watersheds and coastal circles. Founded near the confluence of the Aare, Reuss, and Limmat rivers emptying into the Rhine. Active in and inspired by cultures of resistance around the Mediterranean, Baltic, and Black Sea circles as well as the Great Lakes of Turtle Island. Currently based near the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers. Committed to healing and remembering through storytelling.


The Antidote Writers Collective seeks to resist and counteract the poisons that course through the veins of our politics, our cultures, our movements, our relationships, ourselves.

We believe that a strong collective immune system is built through knowledge and understanding and that the struggle against division and repression requires building a new culture of discussion that goes beyond flat definitions, brittle ideologies, stubborn dogmas, idle preconceptions, and petty rivalries.

We will share knowledge with each other, aiming to build empathy, and in turn enable the emergence of genuine solidarity—one which does not demand uniformity across contexts, one which does not “include” you, but in which you include yourself.

In this spirit, we will provide a platform for a diverse set of voices, especially for those otherwise silenced or ignored in “mainstream” discussions. We want to hear from people engaged in radical struggles all over the world. We seek neither agreement nor conflict, but rather to identify issues at their roots, and to consider different radical approaches to their resolution. And though we at the Antidote Writers Collective have voices—and we will use them—we will not presume to speak for anybody.

On the contrary, we invite you to offer us new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing. It’s not about establishing a space for comfy ideological self-indulgence, but for questions, for a true diversity of voices and viewpoints, and for turning all of this into action.

One World. One Struggle.

Navigating Our Site

In late winter 2023, our collective undertook an attempt to make ten years’ worth of posts more accessible by grouping and presenting them in a new way. We were inspired by David Wengrow and the late David Graeber’s The Dawn of Everything and the elegant framework they offer in that book for thinking about freedom and domination.

As such, the next level of abstraction beneath our original “toxins” and “antidotes” conceit consists of the Davids’ three basic forms of domination and freedom, respectively. These forms combine and interact in myriad ways, and the categories are fluid. But we have found this lens extremely useful and robust in its explanatory power and coherence.

If we believe in possibilities for the future, and dare to hope and strive for fundamental transformations in our material, political, and social lives, we must be able to transform our ways of thinking! Happy browsing, we’re glad you found us.


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