Cinema Utopia: The Antifascists

Antifascism is not radical. It is normal.

This film by Patrik Öberg and Emil Ramos, released free online on 14 December 2017 after months of touring Europe, tells the intertwined stories of antifascist individuals and movements in Sweden and Greece from the mid-2000s until today, covering several momentous incidents in both countries. The street-level footage as well as the intimate interviews make this a vital primer for antifascists worldwide, showing the movement and its protagonists in both their desperation and their courage, as well as laying out their basic principles.

Antifascism is not radical. It is normal.

Featured image: Swedish antifascist (and survivor of attempted murder by Nazis) Showan Shattak, a key figure in the film, on tour in Italy. Source: The Antifascists (Facebook)

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