Drowning without Visa or Passport

Thank you Oh sea, because you accepted us without a visa or a passport.

The Last Message of a Free Syrian, Drowned in the Mediterranean
letter allegedly found on their body
translated by Muhannad Al Boshi (Facebook)
Neither the Arabic nor English original is available online as of 2023
deutsche Übersetzung durch Antidote

I am sorry mom, because the ship has been sunk and I couldn’t reach there and I will not be able to earn money to repay the debts we took for this journey.

Don’t be so sad Oh mom! If they will not find my body, what could be the benefit?! There would be too many expenses for moving my corpse, burial, and condolences.

I am sorry mom, because the war has befallen and I had to leave like the others, although my dreams, as you know, were not so great like the others.  My dreams were like the size of a medicine box, and the price of taking care of your teeth at the dentist.

By the way my teeth color is green because of the mosses clinging, although it’s more beautiful than the dictator’s teeth.

I am sorry my love, because I built for you a house of illusion. A wooden cottage like what we saw before in movies.

A poor cottage far away from explosive barrels, far away from sectarianism, sectarian belongings, and the neighbors rumors about us.

Sorry my brother, because I couldn’t send you the fifty Euros I promised at every new month to entertain yourself prior your graduation.

Sorry my sister, because I couldn’t send you the modern cellphone that has Wi-Fi the same like your rich friend.

Sorry Oh my beautiful home because i will never hang my coat behind your door.

I am sorry dear divers and rescuers for those missing, because I don’t know the name of the sea I sank into.

Don’t worry Oh immigration department, I will never be a heavy burden on you.

Thank you Oh sea, because you accepted us without a visa or a passport.

Thanks to the fishes that will share me without asking about my religion or my political affiliation.

Thanks to the news channels that will share the news of our death for five minutes an hour for two days.

Thank you all, because you will be sad when hearing this news.

I am sorry because i sank.


Edit 17 June 2017: A video based upon this poem was produced recently and posted on openDemocracy.

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