Dérives – the Student Revolt in Canada

“Dérives” (translates into Drifts) has set itself the goal to set some records straight concerning police violence and media excesses that have marked the “Maple Spring”.

From 1990 to 2010 the Student Movements were subject to over 1000 arrests. In the first six month of 2012 alone, more than 3000 students were arrested.

This movie is dedicated to those arrested and injured during the revolt. Far from being isolated cases, these abuses and manipulations, socially toxic, are symptomatic of serious institutional abuses.

One of the very intruiging aspects of this movie, are its protagonists. Many of whom, stem from Arab Countries, then in popular struggles. These individuals, and how they perceive police violence in a “democratic” Canada, reveal interesting insights on the functionning of authoritarian systems.

Full coverage of the “Maple Spring” by the Crimethinc ex-workers’ collective:

Student Strike and Social Revolt in Quebec

Anarchist analysis of the revolt in Quebec

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