Essays & Analysis

Articles composed or presented by a single author or a group speaking with one voice, transcribed, translated, or tenderly (re)produced by Antidote and our friends.

Move In!

By AntiDote’s Ed Sutton We can all stop wringing our hands about “the next Occupy.” Whatever our reasons for doing so—worrying that it might sweep the globe with irresistible force, or worrying that it won’t—we can rest assured that it is coming, just in a form we haven’t imagined yet.

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Syria, European Pseudo-Leftists, and Žižek

It is quite impressive how many Europeans feel entitled to dictate to other people what they should or should not do. They feel that it is perfectly normal for them to judge and intervene in the smallest details of other political movements, to tell the world how to talk and where to walk, without doing the research necessary to develop an informed perspective.

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