Fraudulent Banks and Fatigued Movements


Transcribed from This is Hell! Radio’s 22 February 2014 episode and printed with permission. Listen to the full interview:

“I thought maybe the banks are just as confused as we are. This is so sudden, so many houses underwater at once. But then Bloomberg did an article revealing that Bank of America was deliberately doing this stuff.”

Chuck Mertz: We’re speaking with Barbara Garson. She is the author of a series of books describing American working lives at historical turning points, including 2001’s Money Makes the World Go Around. Her latest book is Down the Up Escalator: How the 99% Live, which is out in paperback now with new material. Barbara also wrote the Obie Award-winning play The Dinosaur Door. Her most famous work, MacBird!, a 1966 counterculture drama and political parody of Macbeth, has been called one of the most controversial plays produced in the 1960s. Earlier this month, Barbara posted the TomDispatch piece The Public/Private Profiteers: If you want to play doctor, don’t hire an insurance company as your receptionist.

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