Neoliberalism and the “Davos Class”


AntiNote: The following is an extended excerpt of a radio interview, edited for readability.

On 25 January 2014,  Chuck Mertz of This is Hell! Radio (Chicago) interviewed Hilary Wainwright about her contribution to the Transnational Institute report State of Power 2014: Exposing the Davos Class, an examination of the nature of neoliberalism and the need to resist it in diverse ways, many of which may not be ‘political’ per se. 

The “ecology” of resistance needed to upend the “complex and constantly mobile organism” of neoliberalism is one of the central themes we are exploring on AntiDote; Wainwright’s explanations and imaginative terminology provide a useful framework for these continuing discussions.

Neoliberalism was a product of a class struggle from above, which was won by Thatcher and Reagan and those who wanted to get rid of any constraint on the market.

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