Squats & Occupations

Squatting for Reform?

A squatted social center isn’t just a building for concerts and workshops, but a site that mobilizes resistance against state and capital, not just in the content of its programs but in its very existence; this basis in structural defiance of the law marks the difference between a pacified faux-radical target market and an actual culture of resistance.

«Wir blei­ben alle!»

Das Ham­bur­ger Bei­spiel zeigt, wie sich anti­ras­sis­ti­sche Pro­teste gegen die euro­päi­sche Flücht­lings­po­li­tik mit loka­len sozia­len Kon­flik­ten wie den Aus­ein­an­der­set­zung um stei­gende Mie­ten und um ein Recht auf Stadt ver­bin­den kön­nen.

Move In!

By AntiDote’s Ed Sutton We can all stop wringing our hands about “the next Occupy.” Whatever our reasons for doing so—worrying that it might sweep the globe with irresistible force, or worrying that it won’t—we can rest assured that it is coming, just in a form we haven’t imagined yet.

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