No One Is Illegal

Break the Silence!

Measures being taken to slow the spread of the Coronavirus have restricted access to refugee shelters and camps. But organized refugee women continue to reach out to residents, people who are locked up and lack access to information about the ongoing pandemic.

Syria, Refugees, and Solidarity

If the relatively small number of refugees can be used today as an excuse for restricting freedom of movement, building walls and impenetrable borders, increasing the powers of the security state, and fomenting divisions based on race, religion, or national origin, what will tomorrow bring when the effects of climate change and ecological collapse cause vast movements of people around the globe?

Calais After the Jungle

There’s a big difference between our approach and how the charities work. You can talk about people’s miserable conditions of life. But why are those problems there in the first place? Why are the police going around beating people up in Calais? Why are people hiding in tents in the woods? It’s because of the border.

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