This is Hell!

This is Hell! Radio has been broadcasting and podcasting from Chicago and “manufacturing dissent” since 1996. Between 2014 and 2021, Antidote Zine transcribed over two hundred of their in-depth interviews with scholars, activists, revolutionaries, and journalists on a variety of topics. This is of course only a tiny fraction of the fascinating material they have released, and still release on a regular basis.

Original audio and links to the show’s website are included in each post. Support This Is Hell! on their patronage site! And let us know if there are additional interviews of theirs you would like to see here in text form: antidote[at]riseup[dot]net.

Four Hundred Years of Wampanoag Dispossession

The Thanksgiving myth makes light of Indigenous people’s very real historical traumas. It depicts the only authentic Indians as frozen in time at the moment of contact. It blinds Americans to the existence of Native people in modern times and to the ways Native people have resisted the colonial apocalypse for centuries.

Four Hundred Years of Wampanoag Dispossession Read More »

Markets, Morals, and the Neoliberal Assault on Democracy

Neoliberals were not only clueless about the extent to which markets never really worked the way they described in their ideal. They were also clueless about the political, social, cultural, and theological ramifications of a radically marketized world in which we have not justice, not democracy, but only winners and losers.

Markets, Morals, and the Neoliberal Assault on Democracy Read More »

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