No One Is Illegal

Iranian Refugees Begin Hunger Strike

Over seven million people from Iran have had to leave their country and seek refuge in signatory countries to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Many of them are unknown activists whose names will only become known if they are killed or sentenced to long prison terms.

«Wir blei­ben alle!»

Das Ham­bur­ger Bei­spiel zeigt, wie sich anti­ras­sis­ti­sche Pro­teste gegen die euro­päi­sche Flücht­lings­po­li­tik mit loka­len sozia­len Kon­flik­ten wie den Aus­ein­an­der­set­zung um stei­gende Mie­ten und um ein Recht auf Stadt ver­bin­den kön­nen.

“This country is a prison.”

Despite energetic organizing, clear and reasonable demands, and a commitment born of desperation, demonstrating Syrian asylum-seekers have been met by a stalling bureaucracy and a sneering public. But prevailing European Community law leaves them with little recourse.

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